Founded in 2008, PAULINA CARCACH offers a wide selection of unique and handcrafted items, every handbag and accessory Paulina personally designs. Since its launch in spring 2008, her collections have attracted a growing following.

Paulina Carcach started working with her favorite material Leather in the year of 2000, when she decided to start making her own handbags. The vision of Paulina for her label is to create handbags that are both luxurious and wearable, with a beautiful feminine touch. We strive to make our handbags timeless and luxurious, modern but never cold. All of our materials are handpicked with care for its style, wearability, and quality.

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About Paulina Carcach, Owner/Designer...

Owner Paulina Carcach was born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico. The second child of three siblings, she showed her love for leather and fashion at an early age. Paulina grew up watching her grandfather and father make cowboy boots by hand; she was always around leather and shoes. Paulina knows how leather is treated and it's characteristics. "I love leather because of it's look and feel, itʼs often used for quality items, such as shoes and accessories". "I think once you know how to treat and work with leather, you can work with any other medium".

Prior to working in the fashion world, Paulina worked as an Interior Designer at a San Francisco Design Firm, after graduating from the Interior Architecture and Design program at the Accademy of Art. “Interior Design is another passion of mine, I will some day have a Home Collection”. Paulina loves to design, whether is handbags, shoes, interiors or anything in between.