How Your Bags Are Made


How Your Bags Are Made from Paulina Carcach on Vimeo.


Every bag we make at Paulina Carcach is unique and requires a unique pattern. Pattern making is transferring the designer ideas from the drawing on to paper, to create an actual paper model of the bag. It is at this stage that the bag begins to take shape. Once the paper pattern of the bag is perfected, it is time to prepare the materials. In the video above you can see a pattern being cut. Pattern cutting involves creating the shape of each component of the bag on leather. This is a very intricate and precise task and needs a wealth of experience of leather working, to be able to use the best of the leather, avoid any wastage and above all be able to recognize the special qualities or defects of the particular skin.

Once the skin has been skillfully cut, the next stages are edging and stitching. Edging is the process of flattening the edge of the pieces of leather that have been cut to pattern. This makes for crisp joints between pieces. The leather is stitched with the simplest of sewing machine, which allow finer, straighter and tougher sewing of the more difficult parts. It is very intricate work and must be carried out with meticulous care and attention. Unlike sewing common fabrics, on leather one false stitch leaves a permanent mark, as the holes made by the needle donʼt close up again. This work must be totally precise.

The more pockets and accessories on the bag, the longer and more complicated it is to make. Another step of the production is the finishing of the handbag. Before this stage the bag has been stitched, but not completed and still looks quite different from the finish product. During the finishing process the handbag is carefully examined, perfected and all the final accessories and hardware, such as buckles and zips are added. At last the bag is finished and ready to be purchased, it has been a transformation from a two dimensional drawing on paper to a tangible reality.